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Learn Balance Your Bodymind to the 5 Energy Cycles of the Year!

Create more strength, power and vitality in your body!

New Forest® 5 Element Qigong Course

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The Benefits of Playing 5 Element Qigong:


Learn to play in the Style of the Ancient Masters


         Increase the health and vitality in your Body and Mind


         Feel more energy and peace in life

         Experience Your Life With More Clarity and Calm


         An Increases sense of purpose and authenticity

         Be able to play the 30 pieces of New Forest® QiGong

         Be able to play and balance your own Qi 

         Know the best safety precautions and setting up a safe              

​         environment for Qigong.

         Know how to Alter Movements, for differing physical aliments or limitations

         Build stronger legs and to feel more grounded and balanced


         Learn a breathing exercises, to be more calm, relaxed and


         Create new habits that increase health and wellness

         A deeper understanding of the Bodymind emotions, and    

         reactions to effect change in your daily life.

         How to harness the power your body and mind to create a

         better life

Connect with nature to feel more energy and peace

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What is included In this course:


Silk Weavers Exercise #1 Ba Tuan Chin( 8 Pieces of Brocade)


Mechanics of Breath Guided Meditation (Audio)


New Forest Guided Meditation (Audio)


Progressive Relaxation Guided Meditation (Audio)


Over Ten Hours of Classes


The New Forest® QiGong Language of Movement , Visualization, and Breath


The New Forest® Qigong Written Language


Yin Fu Ching: Harmonizing the Seen with the Unseen


Framework for practicing QiGong on your own


Many articles on the important aspects of playing Qigong