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Start Exploring a World of Wonders

Within You!

About Us

Learning At Your Own Pace,
From the Comfort
Of  Your Home Or On 

Your Mobile Devices

Advantages to playing Qigong

There Are so many benefits to playing QiGong:


• Awareness

• Vitality

• Self Healing

•Increasing Life Force

Hand Holding a Tree
Painting of Tai Chi Player

To Balance Your Energy With The Season:
Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth Qigong Routines

Expert Teacher

I am amazed everyday at the wonders of being human.  I have been lucky enough to stand on the shoulders of giants that have preserved ways of thinking and engaging themselves and the world around them for the shear joy of being human and alive. They believed, as do I,  that we should not forget the innate mysteries of our bodymind and our connection to the greater whole around us. Though many of us are being led away at every turn with distraction, to the point we don't know which way to turn, the courses and classes at Taomatrix reveal the mysteries behind our perception.  They bring us closer to ourselves which is much larger than you can probably imagine.  Everything here is rooted in this knowledge.  It is a room full of doorways that lead us back to our essential nature. Though we must walk through on our own, these courses point us in the right direction.  There is really only one question, who are you?  It is a private conversation that should unfold naturally over time.

-Teacher Beau Gustafson

Our Course Benefits

Online Community

It's always good to have friends traveling along the same path, to discuss the ideas of cultivation, and engage in the practice of mindfulness.


In a classroom setting, you are right there with your classmates, and after class, you can talk about your experience. Over the years, I have been teaching and cultivating Qigong with my friends, students, and classmates - they have been an invaluable source of inspiration.


This community is a place to explore your experience of playing with all of the tools of mindfulness. In addition, each course will have its own community where students can share their own experiences.

Flexible Curriculum

Modern times are busy. We work, take care of kids and all the other people that we love.  Some of us just don't have the time to go to a local class there, and even if you were interested, there may not be anything available near you! This is where Taomatrix. Life comes to the rescue. You can learn on your own time in the privacy of your own home. You can set the times that you want to practice and build your knowledge of skills that will actually help you live in harmony with Your life. It isn't hard, as a matter of fact, anyone can practice mindfulness. New Forest Qigong is designed for everyone. IIt is adaptable and flexible, and the classes here show you how to play so that eventually you won't need the videos.  It is the perfect answer to our busy lives. Who knows, you might even find you had more time than you thought!


"This has had a pretty profound effect so far.  I am a guy that normally is very cerebral and not connected with his feet and the lower half of his body.  The day after doing the set I felt very grounded!!  I went out to a field and could feel all this energy from the earth coming up into my body.  I felt a connection with the earth and energy present there I had not experienced before.  It was a very profound connection which brought me practically to tears.  At the same time feeling all that energy of the earth pouring into me was amazing.  I took off my shoes later in the day and went outside, and stood - the grass and moss  

kept that connection going.


Overall feeling more energetic and breathing easier so that is all good news!!!  Still have a ways to go but steps in the right direction."

John Munno

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