Foggy Mountains

Learn The Secret Language Of Your Body/Mind

Cultivate Calmness, Harmony and Vitality!

New Forest® Qigong Course

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Benefits of New Forest© Qigong

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Harmonizes Mind, Body and Breath

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Restores And Increases Energy Levels

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Reduces Stress and Anxiety

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Sharpens Focus and Memory

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 Increases Sense of Purpose and Authenticity

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Increases Concentration and Memory

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Increases Spatial Awareness

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Increases Mindful Awareness

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Build Stronger Legs and to Feel More Grounded and Balanced


         Learn Breathing Exercises, to be More Calm, Relaxed and


Create New Habits that Increase Health and Wellness

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Emotions, and    

        Reactions in your Daily Life with Mindfulness 

 Harness the Power of your Body and Mind

Connect More Deeply to the Life Around You

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What is included In this course:


Silk Weavers Exercise #1 Ba Tuan Chin( 8 Pieces of Brocade)


Mechanics of Breath Guided Meditation (Audio)


New Forest Guided Meditation (Audio)


Progressive Relaxation Guided Meditation (Audio)


Over Ten Hours of Classes


The New Forest® QiGong Language of Movement , Visualization, and Breath


The New Forest® Qigong Written Language


Yin Fu Ching: Harmonizing the Seen with the Unseen

Plus articles on the important aspects of playing Qigong