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The New Forest® Paradigm

About the New Forest® Paradigm

The New Forest® Paradigm was created by Sifu John A. Fey somewhere around 1988-89 and has been growing and evolving ever since.  Though to say it was created doesn't mean that it is new. For many of the movements concepts and arts have existed for many hundred some even thousands of years.  New Forest® is a new approach to accessing some of the arts that have been passed down through the Blue Dragon Lineage of which Sifu Fey is the 12th generation lineage holder. 

New Forest® is a Matrix of Arts,

Qigong, Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Pa Kua, Lui Ho Pa Fa (Water Boxing), and Da Chang.  Each of these arts is connected and yet separate and form the basis for an incredibly in-depth exploration into our own body/mind.  To begin down the path of learning the New Forest® Paradigm  we need to explore the Art of New Forest@ Qigong.  This lays the foundation for everything else to come.  We have to build some skill playing New Forest® Qigong for all of the other Arts to make sense. 

It matters very little if you want to learn any of the other arts in the New Forest® Paradigm. Qigong stands alone as tool for increasing your own well being, your basic human energy, and your zest for life. 

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