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  The Blue Dragon Lineage
  (Laam Loong Pac)


Lineage Holders

Blue Dragon Lineage - Lamm Loong Pac

The Art of the Blue Dragon



Kwan Ng Lo 1524-?

P'ang Ben Yu 1580-?

P'ang Shi Yu 1629-1729

Ma Tin Hwa 1657-1769

Sung Nin Jan 1677-1777

Mang Cho Yoa 1689-1782

Fei Tzu-Lin 1709-1805

Sun Lok 1689-?

Lo Ng Gao 1735-1838

Sun Ma Hao 1771-1906

Chi Wing Chow 1875-1973

John A Fey 1955-Present


Su Po Ling ( Dates?)

Another important teacher from the Tibetan Tradition

We never forget that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Who dedicated their lives to the preservation of ancient traditions.

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