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You Are On Your Way To A Brand New Way Of Experiencing Life!

Choose Your Course Or Private Lesson

  • New Forest Qigong

    Learn How to Play New Forest® Qigong! (Unlimited Time)
    • Learn to Play Silk Weavers Exercise
    • Learn the Exercises and Visualizations of New Forest® Qigong
    • Play Yin Fu Ching to Harmonize the Seen with the Unseen
    • Learn Mechanics of Breath
    • Learn to Relax
    • Learn to Make Life Happier, Healthier, and Brighter
    • Learn to Increase Your Life Force Energy (Qi)
    • Over 10 Hours of Classes
    • That Is Less Than 10$ Per Class For A Lifetime of Knowledge
  • 5 Element Qigong

    Harmonize Your Qi With The Season. (Unlimited Time)
    • Learn to Harmonize your Qi with the season of the year!
    • Learn How and When to Play the 5 Element Qigong Routines
    • The New Forest© Metal Qigong Routine.
    • The New Forest© Water Qigong Routine.
    • The New Forest© Wood Qigong Routine.
    • The New Forest© Fire Qigong Routine
    • The New Forest© Earth Qigong Routine
  • On-Line Lessons

    One on One On-Line Lessons
    • 1 Hour Class
    • Private Instruction
  • In Person Private

    1 in Person Private Lesson
    • 1 1/2 Hour Private Lesson
  • Monthly Private

    Every month
    For those who arrange private on-line lessons every month
    • 2-3 1 hr Zoom Lessons
    • New Forest Qigong Course
    • 5 Element Qigong Course
    • Yin Fu Ching Modes Course
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