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Mindfulness, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation: 
Articles and studies from respected Journals.

I have listed a few Articles and studies put together by some respected sources for those who would like to dive a little deeper into scientific understanding and studies in the bottom portion of this page. This list will grow as I find more articles. But first, some context from a practitioner. 


My personal opinion is that the articles and studies found below are interesting observations of objective facts from arts that were designed to be subjective in practice. I am so grateful that so much more attention is being paid to some of the health benefits and general helpfulness of these ancient traditions and ways of thinking. The work with integrative medicine at such universities as John Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, Emory's and others, is mind-blowing. 


Objective and Subjective Models of Thought.


As I see it, the problem with the two models of thought is that they can easily invalidate each other based upon the methods and rules of investigation and skepticism, build into the models.  The two models don't play well together.  The modern world has used the objective discipline of discovery to reach extraordinary heights in understanding. The advances with the idea that " if it can't be measured and quantified, it doesn't exist" of objective reasoning have been astounding. Modern medicine is a marvel that people in our time should take advantage of, period! However, there have been casualties along the way with this model of thinking. The human spirit being the foremost. 


There has been a long history of exploration, of the human spirit, coded into arts and cultures stretching back thousands of years. At present, there is a mass extinction of these human treasures across the globe. For more on this read: The Wayfinders or One River by Wade Davis. He explains the subject in far more depth and eloquence than myself.  


These ancient ways of thinking hold treasures from thousands of years of our collective survival. To experience these nuggets of wisdom you may have to view them from the perspective from which they were created and not our current cultural gestalt. The New Forest© Arts  were planted from these old-growth forests, they are doorways to vast library of human thought and experience.  The seeds of these forests were created by brilliant and dedicated souls that even in their own ages knew that information should be protected and passed on to new generations, because it was fast disappearing, and hold many keys keys to our survival and happiness.


 We are in danger of forgetting many of lessons of the past that helped us survive more in harmony in the aggregate. No time has been perfect; mankind has always been a damn mess. However, there is virtue in being on the side of the balance that preserves the wonders of the bodymind and the human spirit.

We at teach arts that exploration.  For it needs to be rebuilt in each generation and individuals alike.  We use our own bodymind as the subject of our mindfulness.  We play, stand or sit still, move, breathe, and visualize to mindfully bring more awareness to our lives. In turn, we more deeply cooperate with the world around us. This is not about artifice, we have to tell the truth about our experience.  New Forest© was not created for any grand scientific reason. It was created because it is fun and invigorates our lives, it is truly about remembering your human spirit - so, life gets bigger, happier, funnier and more rewarding.

Below are some links for further intellectual understanding.

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