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Metal Qigong Info

New Forest© Metal Qigong Info

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Metal Qigong


When to play:

From Sept 22-Dec 2


 If you have psychological indications such as: 

Grief: Acute or Chronic, 

Wanting to Withdraw From the World, 

Life Burn-Out, 

Need a New Direction, 

Feeling Weary, 

Feeling Pointless, 

Feeling Despair, 

Need to recover From A Loss, 

Lack Of Space To Think and Be, 

Can't Avail Yourself Of Life's Opportunities.

New Forest© Metal Qigong

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New Forest© Metal Set Video

New Forest© Metal Qigong Video

Arrange your environment for Safety.

Find a good solid place to set your viewing device, and have fun!

New Forest© Metal Set PDF

New Forest© Metal Qigong PDF

The New Forest© Language is explained in detail in the Qigong Course. 
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