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Welcome to, My Blog About Qigong and Mindfulness!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Hello! I am Beau Gustafson. I am a teacher and avid practitioner of Meditation, Mindfulness, Qigong, Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing-I, Li Ho Fa Pa or Water Boxing, Da Chang and Northern Shaolin. Yes, there are some others but let's face it, it is really all about actively being mindful of this wonderful gift of being alive. It is also about remembering parts of ourselves we have forgotten, unlocking feelings, sensitivities, experiences and ways of thinking about how we perceive and experience life. One thing we all have in common, is that we have a bodymind ( yes, that is one word in my universe!). That bodymind, moves , breathes, perceives life - and How we think and move directly impacts our perception of life. This blog is dedicated solely to the tools that affect our quality and experience of living with the simple tools of a living and breathing Bodymind. With the Courses I have created, even with all of our different gifts and deficits, each of us can actively and passively affect the quality of our lives.

The New Forest© Qigong Course.

New Forest© Qigong is the first course that sets the stage for everything that will follow. How do you build a language that you can use to unlock parts of yourself forgotten? One step at a time! Remember, complicated things are just a lot of easy things strung together. Make no mistake, New Forest Qigong is a language of movement, breath and visualization, all of which, helps you find your way home. For me, home is a place of astonishment, at the wonder of being alive. If you have forgotten that, New Forest© Qigong is the "Art" for you!

My suggestion: Get started!

Look through the site, read some posts, but remember the magic of Qigong is in the "Playing" of New Forest© Qigong. Words don't do it justice. They just help to clarify how to play the art. You have to play and experience it for yourself.

Next Steps:

1. Look through the site!

2. Enroll in the New Forest© Qigong Course. Click Here

Ok, enough of the hard sell. I am just really exited to have this course available. I have been wanting to share these tools that I have used everyday for over 30 years. They help people - Pure and simple. Hope to see you down the road.

Your Truly,

Teacher Beau Gustafson

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